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Located in front of the Old Town, at the crossroads Brijega of Budva, Hotel Mogren Budva and the Budvas waterfront, there is a coffee bar Korkovado. In the center of the city over 2,500 years old, Corcovado is a blend of modern and archaic, monden jet quite simple, world and local.

With its unique offering and pleasant atmosphere Korkovado has gained the trust of the local population, but also the guests who come to Budva for excellent service, great food and unforgettable fun.

Italian specialties from across the Mediterranean cuisine as well as local and international delicacies provide to the most demanding guests, finicky gourmets to enjoy food prepared by top chefs by and confectioners.

The friendly staff, the comfort and pleasantness of the environment have made Korkovado a must place to relax, vacation, business or private meetings. Those who visit it will certeanly come back again and again.

In order to satisfy all tastes we tried to adjust our environment and quality services to the world's most prestigious destinations, professional and helpful staff will always be available for all the desires that you have. Our chefs are particularly trying to surpsrise most refined tastes of our clients and make Your stay as plasant as it takes.

If you want to start the day with coffee and soft background music, all while sitting in front of the Old Town of Budva then CAFFE KORKOVADO is right place for you. Here you can drink the best coffee, enjoying the atmosphere and professional service.

Of course, in this modern age pleasure would not be complete without the internet. That's why we made ​​the effort to provide outstanding coverage of our WiFi network, which is also one of the fastest and most stable Budva. Code for our WiFi is " sibir123 ".

Feel the true spirit of the Mediterranean and enjoy the uncompromising quality of our services and, of course, come back soon. Staff of Caffe KORKOVADO is always at your service.